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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I felt like it was an opportunity to talk about taking time for relationships. Romantic dinners, roses, and chocolates are wonderful ways to acknowledge that you care about the other person in a real way. But, we all know that relationships are not simply those euphoric moments. The vast majority of the time with another person is typically those normal everyday days: the kind with life stresses, like work and family. This Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to take time to prioritize your relationship, not just for the night, but a resolution for the year. It is a choice each day to foster the friendship and romance that tied you together.

Sometimes after years of marriage and/or the exhaustion of kids and life, it is hard to come up with the romantic and thoughtful gift ideas. Below are a few suggestions to rekindle the love this holiday.

The Love Letter: Love letters are a classic, romantic gift that never goes out of style. So often, we just assume that the other person knows our love for them. However, writing down the special memories, the special features of your partner, and your heart felt love makes the ultimate gift. Without a shadow of a doubt, these letters of love will be the thing that your partner will hold on to through the years.

Post-it Note Kisses: Sometimes it is a nice to know someone cares. One way is to place post-it’s around places your partner goes throughout the day. This could be on the bathroom mirror, the milk in the refrigerator, the iPad or computer, the cell-phone, or even the car. Use your imagination to touch your partner with thoughts. The notes can be romantic or funny, either way they show that you care.

Coupon Book: Give a gift that lasts throughout the year. Coupons can be romantic dinners, movie of their choice, massages or even doing the dishes or diapers for a week. Remember, this is a gift to your partner, so think about what they would want, and allow them to “cash the coupons in” throughout the year.


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